meet the team

We have a small, regular team of two! And, we love working on Amelia Magazine together (well, you'd hope so, especially as we are sisters!)

Michelle Villis is passionate about nurturing girls through their childhood - or girlhood - as we use it here at Amelia. She is driven to encourage creativity, service to others, craft and cooking skills and relationships between mothers and daughters - just to name a few! Michelle has many hats and not just at Amelia! Her most precious role, is being mother to her three, very fast growing children, and wife to a very understanding husband. Along with Amelia Magazine, Michelle is also a Home Economics teacher, caterer and textile artist, with many years experience in children's and youth ministries.

Founder and editor of Amelia Magazine

Toni Lomman loves art and being creative through various art forms. She also, is a mother of three, including a toddler! She works from home at the moment, juggling kiddieroutines, school and homework, and somehow fitting in time for Amelia. Toni is a graphic designer and artist, with loads of experience. Her graphic work is integral to the look and feel of Amelia.

Graphic designer