Other members of our Amelia family...

Tammy Bennett - animals and pets contributor

Tammy has most recently become one of the care-takers of Yarrahapinni Convention Centre. She is mother of two children and enjoys caring for the large property with them. Tammy has a real passion for sharing Jesus with children and as such is one of the founders of Outback Children's Ministries. Her love of animals is used to learn about life, Jesus and ourselves. .

Linda Ross - friendship contributor

Linda has a beautiful way of helping young girls to see the potential God created within them, and to enable them to flourish into Godly women. She is a mother of three, founder of 'Flourish' and author of the book 'Strung Out'. You can see all she is up to here at Linda J Ross

Danni Synot - friendship contributor

Danni is a fun-loving mother of three. She has had experience as a TV presenter on Hope channel and is producing her own series. Her experiences throughout life have given her a compassion for others and compelled her to write the book 'Every Heart's Cry.' She is the founder of Brave Enough. You can see what she is up to here at Brave Enough.