Where it all started ...

Have you ever looked around at all there is for young girls, and been disappointed, frustrated or felt helpless about what special girls to you are exposed to?

Well, you're not alone! It was a concern to me, too, even before I had a daughter of my own, but once my daughter started to get older it really did worry me. I longed for her to stay a little girl and enjoy her girlhood for as many years as she could. I wanted her to have a childhood more like mine, which is very difficult today. You remember what your childhood was like? Free? Innocent? Loads of time for play and creating? Special times with mum or grandma or auntie?

My daughter and I loved to do craft, cooking, reading and so much more together. And, we were into upcycling, vintage, girly things. At the time, she was into looking at girls' magazines and nothing fit the bill or that I would really like her taking time to read! One day a student suggested a magazine, but once we'd searched for it and had a look at it, it was not suitable for young girls, and the content was quite inappropriate. It was during the holidays, and I suggested that we, just for fun, write our own magazine. We enjoyed it so much that we shared it with some friends, who also loved it. And then, we wrote another one. This time, there was so much support and mothers wanting to see it 'out there' available for others that we seriously considered doing it all properly!

Many experiences lead me to believe this was something God had given me to do for Him. When I had to leave one of my two paid jobs, it gave me the time to get serious about Amelia Magazine. So, in 2014 we published our first digital issue!